A Guide to Identifying Your Fashion Style

As the fashion industry grows year by year, we find ourselves confronted with more and more fashion styles. Some have grown close to the heart and some take some getting used to, but it all boils down to your perspective. Here are some of the most popular fashion styles to date- which ones do you resonate with most?


Vintage clothing is simply an adorable choice that never goes out of style! From 90s all the way to the 20s, this style keeps making comebacks over the years, truly proving that olden is golden. Be it pinup clothing, retro swimwear to retro shorts, vintage is the gift that keeps on giving with its whimsical looks and attention to detail.


The bohemian look needs a very carefree, spirited woman to own it. It involves bell-bottoms, crop tops, tie dye, florals and a lot of mixed prints along the way. It’s artful expression at its finest and made complete with careful, bold layering from the accessories. In the end, you’ll find it to be a very hippie look, so if you’re someone who likes to be one with nature, this is probably the style for you.


Chic is the embodiment of trendy styling. A chic fashion style maintains the art of looking casual yet of a high class, ushering sophistication and elegance with every step you take. You’ll find yourself drawn to well-tailored, classy designs and probably matched a jacket with your casual outfit on more than one occasion. If this is your style, check out Anthea Crawford– you’ll probably find more inspiration and a few new additions for your wardrobe.

Art style

This style essentially looks like graffiti on clothes or quirky pieces that you know have had considerable thought put into and truly looks like it belongs to an artist. If you’re one for self-expression and are an artist at heart, this style would probably resonate with you the most.

Seductive style

This style really needs no introduction whatsoever. Slim fitting, accentuating all curves and leaving very little to the imagination, this style is capable of seducing to an art. You can certainly take things up a notch by pairing it with a pair of high heels and a statement necklace. You won’t need much else because your body will be doing the talking.


This is the art of incorporating sportswear into your daily functions and has taken the world by storm this past year. We don’t mean your baggy sweatpants, or your ratty gym clothes, clothes of this style are impeccable, in mint condition. Usually you can pair this outfit with sports shoes and simple silver hoops. Nothing over the top, as athleisure is about taking the simplest of outfits to a chic and sophisticated level.


If you prefer the men’s section over the women’s, this style is for you. They include graphic t-shirts, baggy shorts, suits etc. and you can see successes of this style in famous celebrities (Rihanna, being a perfect example).

So, which one did you identify with most?