Go Green Next Time You Shop

 “Going Green” is a sustainability measure that the whole world is adapting to. It is mainly about practicing an environment-friendly lifestyle while saving scarce resources for our future generations.  You can contribute to this in numerous ways. Saving electricity by turning off light bulbs not in use, turning off the tap properly when not using, making sure your vehicle does not emit harmful fumes and stop cutting trees and planting more are some of the examples.  Another important factor when thinking about the environment is reusing the polythene and plastic usage.

Food Industry

Polythene is widely used in the food packing industry over the years. With the emerge of new environment-friendly concerns, now it is rapidly changing its direction towards using the other ecological methods. For example nowadays many fast food outlets tend to wrap their burgers with recyclable paper wraps instead of the widely used plastic wraps or the cling films.  Moreover using an enormous number of plastic straws and plastic water bottles/ fizzy drink bottles daily and disposing of those in wrong ways had created very harmful environment hazards involving damaging sea life in many places of the world.

Green Bags

If you can get used to using green bags, which most countries had already started doing in their superstores, it can contribute to saving nature. Many supermarkets have introduced go green bags to the consumers and promote the use of them while giving points for using them.

If you can carry a bag made out of clothes every time you shop then you can avoid having a large number of plastic bags on your hand when you leave the shop/ superstore. Using of calico bags is a very good environment-friendly option. They are made up of cotton and very durable. You can wash and reuse them without any hassle. Also they are available in different sizes and colours to cater to your requirement. They come in two straps or with one shoulder strap.  You can buy calico bags online here and do your part to save the nature. 

Encourage Recycling and Reusing

Try to buy the products with recycled packaging when you are out shopping. In that way you can encourage such good steps. If you get to buy something in a plastic container while you shop do not throw it away after using once. You can reuse is as much as possible for different purposes as well. When thinking about the reusing, most parents nowadays try to go for cloth diapers for their babies and toddlers,

than the disposable ones, which are causing a considerable amount of environmental impact. If you can stop buying plastic bottled water and use glass water bottles for that purpose that is a healthy environment-friendly option. Discouraging the manufacturing of plastic items by getting used to ecological alternatives is something we all must consider when doing the shopping for our households.

Therefore, if we do our part right to save the planet from unwanted pollution even by our smallest act we can leave a better tomorrow for our kids.