The Role of the Information Security Auditor

The information security auditor has become quite an important individual to many a company, due to the significant role it plays in ensuring the safety and security of the information of the company. It is this information that enables the company to thwart many a challenge in the virtual world, especially from hackers and even clueless users. As a result, it is inherent that the auditor should be one that has an interest in the field and is educated to a great extent, so as to make sure the audit is done in the best possible way. Here are just some of the roles that the auditor plays when ensuring security for the firm:

Tech Savvy

Of course, one of the more obvious roles the cyber security auditor plays is the role of being one of the more tech savvy individuals. The reason for this is due to the fact that the individual has to go through the maze of coding, and other data and information that could only be understood by an individual who is adept in many languages spoken by machines. It is this knowledge that enables the auditor to provide the best results for the company after the audit is done.

Team Oriented

If hiring the services of a cyber-security company like gridware, it is inherent that the role of the auditor would be one that looks at the big picture. In other words, the auditor plays the role of managing a team when assigned to audit a particular company. A good audit would also consider the chemistry of the IT department of the company, so as to confirm the resilience of managing threats in real-time, if it was to happen.

Time Bounded

Another role that the auditor often plays is the time bounded role. This is the role of doing the necessary work in the required time, as wasting time of a company is deemed to be detrimental not only to the auditor, but also the company, since it cannot make any proper decision to grow and establish themselves in the market among other competitors. In other words, the auditor plays an efficient and effective role at the same time, when doing his/her work, so as to make sure all areas of cyber security are checked, reviewed and revised, thus enabling the company to take more educated decisions in growing the establishment.


Auditing is something that is not homogenous, but a heterogeneous one. In other words, auditing one company, cannot be done in the same manner as the next company, due to the difference in industry and protocols they follow. As a result, the role that the auditor should play is one that propagates an entrepreneurial mind that looks at particular elements of the security system in many different angles, thus enabling to initiate a plan of action quickly.

In short then, the role played by the auditor of information security is one of high importance in the modern day and age, which seems to be getting more and more important by the day.