5 Ways to Relieve Itchy Skin

The skin is our biggest organ but it sure is one of the fussiest. This is because we expose ourselves to so many germs and bacteria on a daily basis. There’s no telling what we could possibly be allergic to (whether it’s mildly or severely), what can cause an infection or what might aggravate a dormant skin condition. In either possibility, itchy skin is a common side effect and as such you’ll need to know how to combat it. Here are some of the most well-known ways you can reduce itchy skin:

Ice It

The most popular way to address an itch is to ice it down. This immediately helps reduce any inflammation your skin has triggered. So once the itchiness starts, make sure to place a wet cloth or an ice pack on your skin for roughly 5 to 10 minutes. It also helps to keep your moisturizer in your refrigerator as well for a more direct cooling effect on the skin.


This is a process known as Wet Wrap Therapy that especially helps deal with children that can’t help but scratch the itch- which could possibly bring about an infection and worsen the skin condition. WWT uses damp material such as gauze to apply over the skin as a bandage. Essentially it is a physical barrier for those wandering fingers. If you’re taking treatment for your condition, it also helps to use WWT after applying the medication. All you have to do is dip some gauze in hot water. Wrap it around the affected patch of skin and then secure it with another dry piece. This option is much more suited to more intense skin conditions.


Moisturizers are much needed products in a skin care routine if you want healthy skin and also significantly help deal with skin conditions. They help seal in more moisture so it’s always best to apply one straight after a bath or before heading off to bed. There are plenty of beauty products out there, however, that haven’t been organically made. These can be detrimental for your skin so it’s always best to check out the brand that you invest in. For example, Eco by Sonya is a brand that focuses on eco-friendly, organically sourced products that will have a long-lasting healthy impact on your skin.

Avoid Hot Water

If you’ve been dealing with itchiness due to dry skin, hot water is a major no-no. Hot water tends to open up your pores and so the skin is likely to lose a lot of moisture. This dryness can easily give way to itchiness or aggravate any skin condition. This is why you’ll find that dermatologists recommend lukewarm water instead of hot water.


For people with extremely sensitive skin, your choice in fabrics could affect your skin condition. Wool or synthetic fibres would be more likely to aggravate your skin so if you have a very intense condition, it’s best that you stick to loose fitting cotton clothing.

These are the best ways you can relieve itchy skin- it’s best that you make them into long term practices rather than the occasional short term habit because the skin is a fickle, vulnerable thing that needs constant care.