Possible Solutions to Overcome the Energy Crisis

The global energy crisis is approaching due to the lack of natural fuels to match the demand. Due to overconsumption, overpopulations, energy wastage, inefficient infrastructure, natural disasters etc. fossil fuels are deteriorating rapidly day by day. These natural fuels are quite impossible to replenish since they have been created through organism decomposition for millions of years. If not acted upon immediately, the global energy crisis will become a reality and economies will collapse since the present world is running on energy. So here are some solutions for it.

Move Towards Renewable Sources

Renewable energy is the best solution to the global energy crisis. The world is moving towards the green concept due to the drastic results of environmental pollution. Rising sea water levels due to global warming, loss of wildlife, natural disasters such as wildfires are some of the unfortunate results of environmental pollution. To stop this, renewable energy is needed.

Most nations and corporations are highly interested in solar power. This has zero emissions and is extremely efficient. Of course the solar panels cost is high initially. However it will reap long term benefits that you will need to pay any electricity bills for over 25 years. Other renewable energy sources are wind power, geothermal power, tidal power, biomass power etc.

Buy Energy-Efficient Products

Switch to green products! If you are buying electrical equipment, go for environmentally friendly equipment. At present there are refrigerators that emit low CFC than the older versions, you can switch to CFL or LED bulbs etc. to ensure energy in your household is saved and efficiently used. If every household and corporate took initiatives to simply change their bulbs, the energy saving will be massive!

Lighting Controls

When designing your homes, workspaces and industrial plants, make sure you design them in a way that makes maximum use of natural sunlight. This will reduce the need for use of lighting during daytime hours. New architectural designs feature the use of mirrors and glass windows to spread sunlight all around the area. New technologies use features such as slide lighting, touch dimmers, integrated lighting controls etc. that will help conserve energy as much as possible and adjust lighting as necessary. Automatic thermostats are also a great way to save energy and cash both. These thermostats sense when you are home and not, and adjust the temperature as necessary.

Common Stand On Climate Change

If states and governments pledged on environmental safety, then the general public will follow. Nations need to come together to formulate treaties where they commonly strive to achieve energy efficiency and fight against climate change. Governments can encourage the general public to switch to environmentally friendly products, bring out policies on standards of wastage releases to the environment, bring out rules and regulations on the use of CFL and LED bulbs, give tax rebates and loan sanctions to people who are willing to switch to renewable energy etc.

A national environmental policy will be the key driver of the entire nation towards a pollution free country. Currently there are national authorities, global forums and NGOs working towards joining hands in bringing such environmental policies.