Tips for Taking Your Baby to The Beach

Are you getting ready to take your baby to the beach for the first time? If this is going to be your little ones first time at the beach, then there are a few items you should pack in your bag to make their time a little more comfortable. Take a look at the following to know to what they are.


One of the main things to remember when taking young children to the beach is to shade them from the sun. Using sunscreen at least 30 minutes before sun exposure is the usually recommended way of using it. Try to find a sunscreen that is baby friendly as well as water proof. This would ensure that the sunscreen would stay on while the baby is at the beach and that it would not harm the baby’s sensitive skin.

Keep Them Hydrated

Another thing to remember is to stay hydrated hen in the beach. Although babies who are six to eleven months do not require a lot of water per day, when it comes to beach, everyone needs to make an extra effort to stay hydrated. Nursing is one of the things you can try. Other than this, you can try 5to regulate the body temperature with warmer so that your little one will not feel dehydrated or uncomfortable.

Get Your Baby Powder Ready

Baby powder is another product that can reduce the effect of being in too much sun. Baby powder can be used to reduce diaper rash. It is also known to be effective when cleaning the baby after a day at the beach as it removes sand from the body. Keep this with you all the time so you can use it whenever you see your baby becoming more uncomfortable in the sand.


Of course, one of the most important things is the swimsuit. Swimsuits for babies come in many different styles and sizes for a wide range of ages so it will not be hard to find Baby swimwear that will fit your baby. But the important thing to remember is to also pack swim diapers that absorbs more than the regular diapers. They also have waterproof layers making them the ideal to be worn at the beach.

Shade and Shelter

Babies have sensitive skin so keeping them in the sun for long hours is not an option. Bring hats and caps to cover their bodies to keep them relaxed. Bringing some kind of shelter such as an umbrella can also help you to shade our little one from the sun. It would also help to keep them from sunburns and itchy, irritating skin.

Once you have got all these items ready, then you are ready to take your little on the adventure. These items will help you to keep your baby protected and safe while you are out in the harsh beach sun. Make a list of the items you need and cross them each as you pack each item to make sure you packed everything and no one is left behind.