Why Is Your Baby Crying?

One of the biggest peeves that parents have is that their baby continuously cries. You will have to understand that new born babies have no other means of communication and that one of the main ways in which they communicate is to cry out. They will use crying as means of letting you know that they are sick, upset, hungry or sleepy and many others for that matter.

But knowing why your baby is upset will also help you regulate the situations and make sure that your baby does not get uncomfortable or disgruntled. Here are some of the reasons why babies cry so much and what you can do to avoid them.

Your Baby Is Hungry

One of the main reasons your baby would cry is because they are hungry. They have no other means of communicating this to you, so to make up for it, they begin to cry. One of the ways in which you can maintain this and not let them get into a bad mood is to plan out a feeding routine. Speak with your paediatrician first and see how much nursing or regular feeding the baby needs, depending upon the age and the weight of the baby.

Once you have this confirmation, plan out the time routine and start feeding your baby exactly at the times that you have planned out. This will help the baby to also regulate their inner clock on the feeding and will greatly reduce the amount of time where they feel hungry.

They Have Soiled Themselves

Another main reason as to why babies cry is because they have soiled their diapers and are in need of a change immediately. For this you will have to keep an eye out for the baby’s diaper and realistically speaking, with time, you will also get a hang of when the baby will soil themselves. If you are travelling with your baby however, make sure to carry their diapers with you and for this look online for nappy bags Australia or the likes, so that you have a solid and good quality carrier on your where you can take all of the baby’s things.

They Are Feeling Lonely and Upset

Sometimes babies also cry because they are feeling lonely and upset and the best way for you to stop them from crying in such situations is to be with them. They might be needing their mother to carry them and soothe them a bit. You can also use a baby mobile that hangs over their cot so they can be distracted with that when you are not around and you can also use pillows and the likes to keep them warm and snug while asleep.

However, do make sure that the pillows are placed in such a way where they will not fall onto the baby and hinder their breathing. Make sure that you put the baby to sleep at the same time each night so that they sleep through the night and will call out for you crying minimally.