Finding the Opening Rodents Are Using to Enter Your Home

Rodents are pests that if you neglect to deal with as soon as you notice the signs, would be an infestation in a short matter of time. This is because they are small and at times unnoticeable. They could squeeze in through small passages and are quick on their feet that you would have a hard time finding the opening they are using to invade your home.

Of course, you could set traps but these traps would only get rid of a few of them and it would not prevent the others from coming. It is also not advisable to poison them since it is also dangerous for you, your family and your pets. The logical thing for you to do is to get to the root of the problem. Find the “door” they are using and close it permanently.

Step 1 – Thorough Inspection

To find the opening, get down on your knees. You have to inspect every nook and cranny, especially those dark corners that you, your family or your pets don’t usually go to since these rodents know they could hide in there, without the fear of you or any of the people in your home seeing them. Inspect your attic, the cabinets that you don’t usually open, and the drawers that are not in use. Comb through your garage, your shed and other places in your home that could potentially be a nest. Inspect your floor and walls and make note of even the tiniest hole since it could be the opening that the rodents are using.

Step 2 – Food Control

One of the reasons why rodents are invading your home is because they have access to free food. All areas in your home where you keep your food should be cleaned and secured. Food that is stored in cardboard boxes should be transferred to metal containers or other storage boxes where rodents could not get into or chew their way into. Keep the lid tightly secured. 

If a food item could be stored inside the refrigerator, keep it there. Avoid storing fruits and vegetables in the open. Don’t leave leftovers in the dining table without any covers. The floor and walls where you keep your food must be at all times without openings that rodents could use. Cut their food source and you would find yourself dealing with fewer pests. 

Step 3 – Pipes and Wires Check

Plumbing pipes inside our homes also lead outside and could be used by these rodents to enter our home. As soon as you notice any hole in your walls where wires and pipes are located, better look for professional pest control and contact now for a fast response. Chances are you are not dealing with a mice infestation since the pipes are large enough for a full-grown mouse to crawl into.

If you are not able to find any holes but still you are experiencing a surge of pests destroying your home and your peace, contact a reliable pest control company. But, ask them first regarding their procedures so you would not be left dealing with a company that uses harmful pesticides.