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    How To Treat Yourself This Payday

    Any working person waits for their payday; whether they admit it or not. It’s that single day that you feel like all your hard work and grinding is worth it. Here’s how you can make that day a little more special by treating yourself… Buy Something You’ve Been Wanting As a child, we bet you thought to yourself that someday when you start working, you’ll buy all those things you have always wanted. Cut to the adult you, you are still waiting for that day. Unfortunately, responsibilities are one of those things you get when you step into adulthood; and most responsibilities cost you good money. By the time you…

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    Debunking a myth about blogging and site stats

    PR “Would you like $50 to write a sponsored post?” ME “No thanks” PR “Oh…why?” ME “Um, because I would be earning about $15 an hour if I did that” PR “What do you mean?” ME “Well, I’d research your company and product, write a piece then edit it two or three times.  Following that, I’d take photos or even create a video and really, $50 doesn’t cover it.” I want to debunk a myth today.  You don’t need to have high stats to value your worth as a blogger.  True story. Chatting with a friend yesterday (who is a highly respected blogger), she commented that her stats were lower…

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    Advantages of Having a Professional Handle Your Advertising and Digital Media

    Many businesses today need the help of a professional service that help them handle their digital media. The reason is that the competition is really high out there today and it seems like almost everyday somebody is coming up with some great new idea or bright concept that gets them trending. In this world of hectic digital media, what are the advantages that you could hope to enjoy out of ensuring that your business digital media too is handled by a professional? They Will Monitor the Needful Consistency One big advantage of having an ecommerce marketing agency handle your digital media is that for them, measuring, evaluating and testing is…

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  • Fashion,  Lifestyle

    What You Need to Know About Special Hair Affairs

    If you are someone who is continuously updated with the latest trends and improvements in fashion and beauty, you are probably aware of some of the hair miracles that has gotten many women excited today! Hair extensions have become a widely trending thing in the beauty industry that is apparently proving to be a very convincing and successful solution to many of the hair struggles women are going through today. Some of them do it just for fun, and solely to add some extra glamour to their appearance, while some opt for it as a true and reliable solution for a lot of hair problems. How Does It Work? A…

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    Essential Dog Care Tips Everyone Should Know

    Dogs famously give us endless love, companionship and support, so it is only fair that we give back the same way. Of course, aside from basic things such as food, water, shelter and medicine, you also have to factor in things like comfort, especially if the dog is, say, anxious by nature or backward. Those who have some experience with dogs will have some idea of what to do and where to start, but those who do not can always look for resources to tap into, be it online or amongst family and friends. In the meantime, here are a few tips you should know. Vaccination Regulations There could be…

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