Home storage and organisation

Home storage and organisation

People often ask me: “how do you do it?”, talking about work, home and family. Well, the truth is I often don’t achieve everything I need or want to, but my number one tip for time management is to be organised.

The more organised I am, the more I achieve. True story.

Over the years I’ve stumbled through the juggle of motherhood and work, finding that if my home is generally organised, I can clear my mind to settle into work mode more easily. It’s just the way my brain works.

Having help around the house means that things just run more smoothly for me. Now I’m not talking about a cleaner or even help from my husband: I’m talking about some great products I’ve discovered that help me to keep things organised.

Before you click away, this is not sponsored. I’ve found these products and want to share them with you.

Here are 3 things that help me to stay organised at home:

  1. Borne Naked handbag organiser.

Now I’m a HUGE handbag hoarder. I have over 30 treasures and like to swap around depending on my mood. This can be time-consuming and clumsy without one of these little babies. It means that my bits and bobs are not floating around the bottom of my bag, so I can just grab it out and swap it to another that matches my shoes. That’s important, you know?

The clear, zipped bag holds enough that it is useful, but not so much that it becomes clunky and like a handbag in itself. They retail from around $20 and you can be found for sale online.


  1. Clear shoe storage boxes

I bought these treasures ‘second-hand’ from a friend. When I say second-hand, she hadn’t used them, but bought too many and I purchased her excess. WIN! I have some lovely shoes that I want to take care of so that they last longer than one season. The bottom of my wardrobe can become a black hole and sometimes I’ve even found spiderwebs in ballet flats. EEEEK!

These boxes mean that I can store my favourite shoes and know that they’re protected from being damaged by others next to them. It also means my wardrobe is neat and organised. Mostly…

As I said, I bought mine from a friend, but you can also buy them from the Big W, and they’re only $15 for a 10 pack. That’s 10 pairs of shoes that you can protect.


  1. Keeping bras organised

I first heard about this little wonder via email. The work-at-home-mum who sells these sent me one to try, and I thought it was a fabulous idea. I don’t need to tell you that bras can be VERY expensive. I don’t like to just throw them in a drawer after spending $$ on them, but what choice do you have? That’s where this little gem comes in. You can store multiple bras, keeping them ‘safe’ and in shape as there is a moulded insert that ‘fills’ the cups of your bra whilst they’re being stored! Genius!. At only $20 for a two pack, it’s a bargain.

My bras are now all organised and ready to go, without being crammed into a drawer and going out of shape. After breastfeeding two ravenous babies, my bras are a VERY important part of my wardrobe.


So after reading that, you may think that my mind works in strange ways. I mean, who works more productively because their house and handbags are organised? ME! It’s true.

How do you keep things organised at home? Do you have any products you can share with me?

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