Stopping to smell the roses

Stopping to smell the roses

Standing in my beautiful town here in Australia, surrounded by a wonderful group of bloggers was a dream come true for me. I recently invited a ‘babble of bloggers’ (well what else would you call us?) to experience the scenery as a tourism exercise and it could not have been more successful.

They tweeted, instagrammed and facebooked the heck out of this little town and soon enough, an online conversation was started about all of the wonderful things that our town has to offer. That was the aim. Tick.

As I watched their cars retreat down the main street, heading back to Melbourne, I felt myself retreat too. I drove home and sat in a darkened room for a while, even having a little nana nap. It was a wonderful weekend but oh so draining.

Over the coming days, I would growl at my children and snap at my husband. ”I’m tired”, I’d moan but I knew that was simply not good enough. Everyone gets tired. Everyone finds things overwhelming at times.

I needed to regroup.

I stopped to breathe and literally smell the roses. I’ve spent the last two weeks playing uno, Guess Who and running around the park with my children. I caught up with my friends and we drank wine while watching the sun set. We’ve had icy poles melt down our arms and jumped into the pool creating our very own synchronised swimming routines (look out Olympians).

Writing is such an outlet for me, and I love – LOVE – blogging. However, after the climax of the event I needed a break. I needed to retreat and regroup.

Having done that, I’m feeling refreshed. I think I need to step away every now and then to take stock of what’s right in front of me. People who are heavily involved in social media often joke that ‘my friends live in my computer, but it was getting to a point where I was neglecting the ones within arms reach to get another tweet out or post an instagram shot.

I don’t always get it right. There’s no sugar-coating on this blog and as a working woman (and particularly as a working mum) I have to recognise that there are times when I have to stop and unplug for a while.

Well my lungs have been filled with pure, clean air. I’ve sat in the sunshine and enjoyed coffees with three-dimensional friends, we’ve played in the park and I’ve held my kids tight. Now I’m feeling rejuvenated.

I interviewed some fascinating women recently and I can’t wait to share their story with you. I have some Christmas posts and some tips on seeking sponsorship for events. It’s back to regular programming and I can’t wait to start chatting to you all again.

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